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The University of Cincinnati Genetic Counseling Program is an excellent choice for students who value an academically challenging curriculum that is well-balanced in the major areas of genomic sciences, counseling skills, and research. Our program provides students with opportunities, as well as choices. For example, a student may work on an existing project with a world-renowned researcher or he/she may want to delve into a relatively unexplored research topic. Or, as another example, a student who in the future hopes to become a genetic counseling program director may elect to participate in UC's Preparing Future Faculty program.

Students have the freedom to focus on areas of interest by developing a personalized elective rotation or by taking elective courses. We are committed to collaboration and teamwork, by providing students with experience working with other genetics professionals, other health care providers, with educators, and with agencies in our community and beyond. Because we value critical thinking, a genetic counseling student graduating from our program will have the tools to evaluate just about any case or professional dilemma, and to develop an action plan. Lastly, our program values diversity, in the broadest sense of the word.  Each student, supervisor and instructor brings a unique set of strengths to the educational environment and we learn from each other every day.